Our Vision

Building a community in which music, beauty and creative expression are valued and nurtured

Our Mision

We strengthen and enrich our community through choral singing, celebration of diversity, friendship and non-formal music education

Mixed choir of the Sombor Singing Society

The mixed choir is a joyful and colorful gathering of Sombor citizens and residents of the surrounding places, of various ages and occupations.

City children’s choir Colorful Vocals

The city children’s choir Colorful Vocals, as the youngest members of the Sombor Singing Society, accompanies the contemporary children’s music repertoire.


And here is what some of the members of the Mixed Choir said about singing in the choir:

Conductor’s energy and voice and the sound we all produce is just so amazing. I am smiling all the way home after each rehearsal. Ah, I love choir!

- Natasha, psychologist 

I sing in the choir, because they won’t allow me to sing at home.

- Veronika, homemaker

I sing in the choir because I love feeling the energy of joining voices. And singing puts my mind off everything bad that has happened in a day. 

- Jefimija, teacher

Every rehearsal is a concert. 

- Denis, pizza chef

I always wanted to join a choir, but “musical illiteracy” put me off. Now in my old age, I braced myself to finally do it and I love it. When we start singing a new song, it often sounds terrible, but it slowly evolves into harmony, and after a few rehearsals, we are all beaming with pride and joy.

- Snežana, pensioner 

I sing in the choir because music has become an integral part of who I am.

- Vanja, TV reporter

Singing in this choir restored my hope in humanity. Here, people are connected by music and laughs. Not by political views, financial gains or some other cheap values.

- Ana, librarian 

I sing, therefore I am.

- Nebojša, teacher 

Singing is a medicine for the soul. And climbing those 20 stairs to get to the rehearsal 3 times a week, is also good for the body.

- Draga, pensioner

This choir is my second family. We get together to do beautiful things: make music, socialize, travel.

- Maja, law clerk